Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

American consumers and businesses lose Billions of dollars every year due to information loss, invasion of privacy and the interception of communications via stalking, espionage, eavesdropping and theft. Inevitably leading to the loss of valuable intangible assets, privacy and personal security. The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team provides government level Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM inspections to identify and isolate any evidence of espionage, electronic eavesdropping, hacking, stalking or any other technical security threats to your personal or business’s information and security.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team has created a proprietary “TSCM” or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures examination utilizing government-grade equipment and state of the art technology to discover electronic eavesdropping devices and any technical security risks.

All of our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures staff maintains the same equipment and certifications as many the US government agents that we train along side with (Including Homeland Security and FBI Agents) and have an advanced level of skill, experience and training in:

  • Hidden Camera Detection
  • Hidden Microphone Detection
  • Bluetooth and WiFi Interception
  • Hacking Investigations
  • Cell Phone Hacking Forensics
  • Illegal Wiretap Detection

Cyber Investigations & Hacking

Hiring The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team

The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team is very easy to retain to conduct Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services for you personally or for your company by providing convenient and easy Flat Fee service options. Any information required to provide you with a free flat fee price quote can be easily and discreetly be provided via email or a brief initial phone consultation.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures services can be schedules and conducted either during business hours or privately and under extreme discretion based upon you or your company’s needs.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team at Southern Recon Agency provides essential safeguards against information loss through espionage, stalking and invasion of privacy from Hackers and Cyber Criminals using highly effective Technical Surveillance Countermeasures tactics including TSCM surveys and Hacking Investigations. Southern Recon Agency is based in Orlando, Florida and provides Counter Surveillance & Cyber Investigation services around the world.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team, is an exclusive service of Southern Recon Agency, LLC. The procedures and proprietary software used for our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures surveys are proprietary trade crafts of Southern Recon Agency, LLC  and the use of these terms and procedures by outside sources is prohibited and can be strictly enforced.

The Evolution of TSCM

TSCM Inspections or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures are undergoing a total reconstruction process as the technology used in electronic eavesdropping is evolving at a rapid pace, making invading someone’s privacy or intercepting their private communications easier than ever and much harder to detect. Electronic “bugs” or eavesdropping devices are now capable of recording your private conversations for years. In the past, audio and video devices needed bulky batteries, large microphones, memory storage or RF signals to communicate and store the intercepted data. Modern video and audio recording and eavesdropping devices are incredibly small and these high tech micro devices can be hidden almost anywhere and made to look like ordinary household and office items and can communicate through Bluetooth, WiFi or GSM signals and utilize cloud storage or high capacity micro SD. Plus the advantage or lithium ion micro batteries or being able to tap into existing electronics, unused wiring can provide nearly unlimited power supplies allowing devices to record for years instead of days! Because of the advancements in electronic eavesdropping, Technical Surveillance Countermeasures or TSCM procedures have had to become more advanced as well. There are no safe zones or areas immune to eavesdropping. Cellphones, landlines, computers, covert video and audio bugs and existing wiring can all be used to  effectively eavesdrop into vehicles, restaurants, hotels, residences, corporate apartments and offices. Anywhere that you may speak or act freely, in public or in private could be at risk.


Advanced Surveillance Detection

(TSCM, Electronic Bug Detection, Debugging, Bug Sweeps or Technical Surveillance Countermeasures).

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures exams are strategically designed for detecting all manner of audio, video and data intercepting or recording devices used to eavesdrop or spy on people and businesses usually to gain access to secure proprietary information, leverage in negotiations or lawsuits (especially in divorce cases) or for stalking. Advanced surveillance detection is used in a variety of corporate and residential environments to expose eavesdropping, stalking, corporate espionage, hacking and other forms of intercepting communications and invasion of privacy. Technical Surveillance Countermeasures is the process which will enhance  and secure your personal privacy along with your trade secrets, personal information and intellectual property by ensuring that there are no interceptions of communications or data taking place. Every Technical Surveillance Countermeasures survey is priced into an easy to order Flat Fee package customized to meet your company’s needs and budget

Electronic Eavesdropping Risks

Businesses, Law Firms and Individuals are all equally at risk for invasion of privacy or electronic eavesdropping and require Technical Surveillance Countermeasures to ensure their privacy and communication security. Any situation where someone has something to gain from spying on you to gain information on your personal life, private information or business can lead to electronic eavesdropping. The people most at risk of illegal eavesdropping are people or businesses who have or are:

  • party to a lawsuit
  • involved in a divorce
  • failed business deal
  • terminated an employee
  • dispute with with a neighbor
  • involved in politics or religion
  • access to valuable information
  • trade secrets
  • victim of stalking
  • victim of identity theft
  • high net worth
  • celebrity or model

Our Technical Surveillance Countermeasures experience has shown that most espionage or eavesdropping revolves around one of three primary motives; Revenge, Money or Obsession.

Revenge: Revenge is extremely common in divorce cases, politicians, business deals or partnerships gone bad, disgruntled employees, bad break ups and neighborhood disputes. Effectively any situation where someone is looking to ruin you by exposing or stealing your personal or business secrets.

Money: Financial motivations are probably the most common, trade secrets, intellectual property, insider trading, corporate intelligence, identity theft or even in divorce cases over child custody or alimony. Any situation where the intelligence or evidence illegally gathered from you can lead to a financial gain.

Obsession: This is mostly common is stalking, harassment and cyber bullying cases. Some originate from breakups, some from divorces and some come from a person suffering from a dangerous metal illness that for some reason has decided to specify you or a loved one as the target of their obsession.

Regardless of the method or the reason, high tech surveillance, hacking, electronic eavesdropping can only be identified and stopped through sophisticated Technical Surveillance Countermeasures procedures.

Electronic Bug Detection

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

  • Business Inspections
  • Office Buildings
  • Individual Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Board & Conference Rooms
  • Trading Floors
  • Executive Suites
  • Corporate Apartments
  • Residential Homes
  • Business Meetings
  • Hotel & Resort Conference Areas

Vehicle Surveillance Detection

  • GPS Tracking Detection
  • Limousines
  • Aircraft
  • Yachts

Proactive Privacy Assessments

  • Wi-Fi & Cyber Security Assessments
  • Information Security Assessments
  • Corporate Espionage Prevention
  • Proactive Counter Intelligence