to meet the growing demand for privacy and security

The advance of technology has forever changed the world we live in. We each face threats that weren’t even imaginable a few decades ago. It is imperative to enact countermeasures to protect yourself, your clients, your business and your privacy. We offer a full complement of counter surveillance and cyber investigation services to meet our clients’ growing demand.

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)

Our counter surveillance and cyber team provides essential safeguards and immediate incident response to corporations, attorneys and individuals against invasion of privacy, and intercepted communications through espionage, hacking, stalking, theft and various cybercrimes using government-level equipment, proprietary tactics and technology, and the most advanced training available in the industry.

Cell phone hacking is an increasingly common threat and used in Invasion of privacy, stalking, harassment, theft, corporate espionage and cyber bullying. Our 100% effective and cost-efficient method will locate and disable illegal cell phone surveillance software or bugs.

Cyber Investigation Services

We work with America’s top experts in the cyber investigations industry. Our cyber investigation specialists utilize proprietary software, databases and techniques exclusive to our team. Our specialized backgrounds, trade secrets and extensive experience enable us to produce effective and unparalleled results.

Our cyber professionals have extensive experience in cyber intelligence, computer forensics, hacking intelligence, hacker identification, data breaches, cyber-crimes, internet defamation, money laundering, insider theft and espionage, forensic accounting, brand protection, copyright and trademark infringement, intellectual property theft, cyber security, penetration testing, corporate and executive threat intelligence.

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