Is Your Cell Phone Hacked?

Is Your Cell Phone Hacked?

Is Your Cell Phone Hacked?

We get calls all the time from concerned clients asking this question: “Is My Cell Phone Hacked”? Like any other form of hacking, there are several key indicators that can tell you if your cell phone is hacked or not. The main thing to understand about hacking forensics is that Every hacker and every malicious app or spyware has to connect through the internet. Because of our tools we can detect all internet traffic with no possibility of hiding it and discern whether or not it is malicious. This will determine 100% if your phone is hacked.

Prior to having a private investigator run digital forensic diagnostics on your phone, take a few minutes to read and see if any of these common indicators can answer the question of if  “is your cell phone hacked” :

Irregular Text Messages:

A cell phone hacked actively can have Texts, SMS or MMS messages appearing in the form of strange characters or squares can sometimes be hackers attempting to access your device through different types of software. Also, on a some types of Phones or Tablets, the text only has to be received by the device, the user does not have to take any action in order for the program to download into your device. In other instances, it only has to be opened or read.

Short Battery life:

If your battery drains quicker than it used to, it could be a sign intrusion or of unauthorized activity taking place which could be a sign of your  cell phone hacked actively.

Insecure Wi-Fi Connections:

The use of insecure connections is a common way for a hacker to obtain access to your cell phone. by joining an insecure network you can make your device(s) open to intrusion and both interceptions of your communications while n the insecure network in addition to injecting malicious software, malware and programs on to your phone.

Increased Data Usage:

A very common symptom of active cell phone hacked or that it may have malicious software or spyware on it is when it spikes the amount of data usage of your device. This is due to it “Phoning Out” your data to another source.

Unexplained Activity on the Device:

This can be anything from your light going on and off without you touching it, deleted calls, messages or files, or it could be the operation of certain files or apps automatically.

Disruptions in Service:

Dropped calls or loss of signal are signs that are often blamed on your service provider. However, if your carrier can not explain the disruption of service, they are often key indicators of a cell phone hacked actively.

If you have noticed any of these Indicators and you are still needing to answer the question “Is my Cell Phone Hacked?”  You need to understand that it is very important that you do NOT attempt to fix this on your own, the next step is to conduct a digital forensic diagnostics to verify if the cell phone is hacked and get the forensic evidence you need.

Feel free to reach out to us for a confidential case analysis to determine if your cell phone hacking case meets our firms requirements. You can reach our office and speak to a Certified Digital Forensic Examiner at (844) 307-7771.

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