and the specific needs of their firms

Our team is not only highly experienced in handling the counter surveillance and cyber needs of attorneys, we have an attorney on our management team. Mark Aubin, Our Technical Security Consultant and In-House Counsel, is a licensed practicing investigative attorney with nearly two decades of experience in a wide variety of investigative and legal disciplines, including civil litigation, criminal law, invasion of privacy and all manners of general corporate and business law. He has worked with many attorneys and law firms, and can assist you with all your investigative needs and coordinate the efforts of our counter surveillance and cyber team.

TSCM – Counter Surveillance

Our team is utilized by some of the top law firms in the Country to assist them with technical security concerns in relation to hacking and electronic eavesdropping and to provide technical expertise and forensic services for complex civil and criminal cases. Our team has provided support for hundreds of cases that required investigators with superior technical expertise and advanced knowledge of the law to procure electronic evidence, which in many cases would have taken months to find.  Our full spectrum of Attorney services includes:

  • Technical Security from Hacking and Electronic Eavesdropping
  • Identification of Unknown or Anonymous Cyber Criminals
  • Pre-Case Development & Evidence Strategy
  • Certification and Documentation of Evidence
  • Forensic Data Recovery for Computers and Phones
  • Hacking and Network Forensics
  • Electronic Bug Sweeps (TSCM)
  • E-Discovery

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