How To Detect Bugs & Listening Devices

How To Detect Bugs & Listening Devices

Counter Surveillance Techniques:
Is That Something You Really Want To Do?

There are hundreds, if not thousands of blogs and articles that talk about counter surveillance techniques and how you should apply them, but is that such a great idea? Think about it this way; your expertise in the matter has led you to an article that could have een written by a highschooler for protection against a malicious force, and applying improper counter surveillance methods improperly can get you hurt, so following advice from an unverified source probably isn’t a phenomenal idea. Before proceeding, you should figure out if you are really at risk, who you can call, and what to do in the meantime.

What’s Wrong With DIY Counter-Surveillance?

There is a major difference between your knowledge, skill, and access to equipment compared to a counter intelligence agency. Considering the average private investigator is not equipped for such a situation, you are in over your head thinking a scanner off of Amazon will protect you against a serious invasion of privacy.

Even if you download that app that is supposed to point out hidden cameras or the wand that creates a disturbance for audio bugs, do you really trust their quality and your skill? As meticulous as you might be when you examine the spaces in question, the wand may never pick anything up. Do we really want to go into comparing the quality of an app to a counter surveillance team? Inferior products fail, and that could lead to a total invasion of privacy that only ends when the surveillance efforts tire out.

No amount of counter surveillance blogs, Youtube videos, or storebought products will guarantee your safety against a real surveillance attempt. Not only can self-performed counter surveillance fail, but it can get you hurt. You have no idea what lies on the other end of a surveillance attempt, so angering them or causing red flags is the last thing you want to do, especially if you are not in contact with anyone who can help.

Who Is At Risk For Surveillance Attempts

Your risk of falling into a surveillance effort typically reflects the amount of power or access to information that you hold. That doesn’t mean that a low-level government official or small business owner are not at risk, but the chance of someone going after unimportant information is greatly reduced. There are countless motives that would place someone under surveillance, but you have to consider what they actually gain. If the answer is marginal information or your mom’s meatloaf recipe, you probably aren’t in need of counter surveillance.

These efforts are typically spent on individuals who have something worth the time, risk, and resources. Because of this, your average citizen is usually safe from espionage.

Who To Call For Counter Surveillance

Since we’ve made it perfectly clear that at-home counter surveillance techniques can be ineffective and dangerous, who can you call to put your mind at ease? Counter intelligence specialists, while scarce, are your best option for this type of situation. With a team of professionals that maintain the highest quality equipment, you can be certain that your space is clear of bug, listening devices, hidden cameras, or any other surveillance attempts. Their expertise and top of the line resources pin point any surveillance efforts with the utmost accuracy, so your privacy can remain secured.


Any attempt to access your private information should be considered malicious, and treated accordingly. Make sure that you are following the process that keeps you protected and call your counter surveillance experts.

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