How To Detect Audio Bugs: What To Do When The Threat Is Real

How To Detect Audio Bugs: What To Do When The Threat Is Real

You may feel like you are out of your mind for thinking that someone is attempting to collect your information, but it happens all the time. Whether the threat is negligible, like collecting browsing information, or substantial, like corporate espionage, everyone is looking for information. When these efforts start to become malignant, you need to know the right steps to handle the situation effectively. If you think that someone has placed you under audio surveillance, continue reading and walk through the proper procedures with us.

Who Is A Target?

Yes, anyone could technically be a target for audio surveillance, but a lot of time and effort goes into a successful surveillance mission. That means you are not going to be targeted without sufficient cause, and not for years or decades like some people may think. Whoever may be doing the surveillance wants something of value, so the first question you have to ask yourself is do you have information that is worth spying on you over?

You probably won’t have a target on your back because you made a Facebook post and anything you found online is not worth conducting audio surveillance over. Things that surveillance teams may be interested in are:

  • Exclusive corporate information
  • Information held by government officials
  • People they may want to blackmail
  • Wealthy individuals who they may want to target

This is not an exclusive list, but hopefully, you get the idea. Espionage efforts usually aren’t wasted on a gym teacher or conspiracy theorist, they typically aim for individuals who hold classified or sensitive information.

What To Do If You Suspect Audio Surveillance

If you have examined the factors and decided that you may be under some sort of audio surveillance, contact a counter-intelligence agency to have your situation evaluated. Surveillance attempts are not something that should be handled alone, and your average private investigator is not equipped to take care of espionage attempts.

A Counter-surveillance expert can help you determine whether or not you are under surveillance with thorough, effective techniques and high-end equipment. By conducting a full sweep and securing your electronic devices, these professionals can clear your living and workspaces of listening devices, surveillance cameras, or any other surveillance devices.

Your first instinct may be to call law enforcement to assess the situation, but they would also be lacking in resources. Local law enforcement and the vast majority of private investigators are not equipped with the knowledge or technology to perform thorough counter-surveillance measures.

Do I Need A Professional

In situations where you feel that you are being surveilled, it’s important to remember that whoever is conducting the surveillance is already a criminal. They are already willing to spy on you, and you don’t know what else they may do to achieve their mission. Enlisting the help of a professional counter-surveillance agency puts you in the hands of knowledgeable professionals who can end the surveillance attempts and help you figure out the next steps. It’s never recommended that you handle these types of situations alone.

When Should I Call The Counter-Intelligence Experts?

If you have probable cause to believe that someone has placed you under surveillance, call your local counter-intelligence professionals and have them evaluate your situation. There’s a difference between paranoia and noticing the warning signs, and if you see red flags, it’s time to call. From subtle hints to electronic interference, signs of intrusion or audio surveillance should not be ignored.

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