Hacking Investigations

Our Hacking Investigations are designed to go after the cyber criminals, hackers, activists, terrorists, thieves and stalkers that are conducting various unauthorized and illegal activities via the internet. Whether these activities are conducted through computers, phones, proxies, VPNs or social media, the need to be able to identify these individuals is essential. Southern Recon Agency understands the critical need for advanced Hacking Intelligence to produce indisputable evidence for corporations, law enforcement, security professionals, investigators and high net worth individuals.

Our proprietary Hacking Investigations are 100% effective and provide definitive proof of Hacking in:

  • Computers (Mac & PC)
  • Tablets
  • Cell Phones
  • Cloud Accounts
  • Social Media Sites
  • Email accounts
  • Networks & Routers

Our Hacking Investigations team consists of the top cyber professionals in the country and is designed to provide reliable intelligence and skillfully uncover evidence of hacking and cyber crimes that without our Hacking Investigators would otherwise be inaccessible. Our Hacking Investigations team consists of Certified Ethical Hackers, Certified Digital Forensics Technicians, Certified Penetration Testing Engineers and Certified Digital Security Analysts.

Hacker Identification

Our highly trained Hacking Investigators utilizes a strategy which is designed to combine advanced technology, cyber investigation and advanced knowledge of the law to unmask these anonymous cyber criminals and hackers hiding behind technology such as proxies, third party sites and other programs created to effectively conceal their identity.

Hacking Investigations can provide advanced intelligence for:

  • Definitive Verification of “Hacking”
  • Identification of “Hackers”
  • Identification of Anonymous IP address
  • Identification of Owners of Anonymous Websites
  • Identification of Fake Social Media Accounts
  • Identification of Fake Email Users
  • Identification of Cyber Bullies & Stalkers
  • Location and Tracing of Cell Phones Globally

Hacking Investigations & TSCM

Businesses and individuals alike are experiencing tremendous emotional and financial losses every year due to invasion of privacy and illegal interceptions of data and communications. A traditional TSCM survey or “Bug Sweep” is often the first and most effective response, but the active threat coming from various forms of cyber-attacks including hacking and cyber-surveillance are now requiring a more advanced level of TSCM to be incorporated into our procedures.  Strategic Hacking Investigations s allow our highly trained team of TSCM specialists to identify any evidence of hacking, monitoring or cyber intrusions along with the source of which they came from. Counter Surveillance USA is currently the only company in the United States offering both Cyber & Hacking Investigations and TSCM ensuring the most comprehensive and accurate electronic countermeasures available. Our team created a hacking investigations procedure named C-TSCM which we use frequently to identify and combat the numerous forms of hacking and cyber-attacks used to monitor and spy on people and businesses around the world.

Incorporating Hacking Investigations into our standard TSCM examinations has created the ability rule out not only the use of electronic eavesdropping equipment such as bugs, cameras, microphones and wiretaps, but can also identify any cyber surveillance or hacking programs on computers and cell phones.  Hacking Investigations can protect against the loss of various types of valuable intangible assets and possibly damaging information that can be lost due to cyber-attacks and hacking. The areas that are frequently the highest risk are:

  • Financial Information
  • Trade Secrets
  • Private Photos
  • Personal Information
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Intellectual Property
  • Client Records
  • Research & Development
  • Confidential Documents

Hiring Southern Recon Agency

Southern Recon Agency makes it very easy to hire us to conduct Hacking Investigations and Incident Response for you or your company by providing convenient and easy Flat Fee service options. Any information required to give a free flat fee price quote can be easily provided via email or a brief initial phone consultation.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team at Southern Recon Agency provides essential safeguards against information loss, theft, stalking and invasion of privacy from Hackers and Cyber Criminals using highly effective tactics including Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Cyber & Hacking Investigations and Counter Intelligence. Southern Recon Agency is based in Orlando, Florida and provides Counter Surveillance & Cyber Investigation services around the world.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team, is an exclusive services team offered by Southern Recon Agency, LLC. The process, software and hacking investigations procedures used by our hacking investigations team are proprietary trade crafts of Southern Recon Agency, LLC  and the use of these terms and procedures by outside sources is prohibited and can be strictly enforced.