Cyber Investigations

A multitude of cyber-crimes including fraud, stalking, harassment, defamation, theft, embezzlement, hacking, invasion of privacy and copyright infringement require strategic Cyber Investigations in order to navigate the worldwide maze of technical information and produce actionable intelligence and indisputable evidence. Cyber Investigations require enhanced technical abilities, seasoned investigators combined with an advanced knowledge of the law. Ours Cyber Investigations specialists make up an extensively experienced team of  cyber investigators, forensic examiners, data breach analysts and former law enforcement professionals that assist Individuals, Executive, Corporations and Law Firms solve complex and high tech, computer and internet related incidents.

Our Cyber Investigators are frequently called in to solve civil and criminal cases that have advanced beyond the scope and capabilities of Attorneys and local law enforcement, and unfortunately do not meet the prerequisites necessary for the FBI or other federal agencies to accept the case. Our unique and proprietary solutions allow us to act timely and efficiently to rapidly evolving global cyber crime cases and create relevant solutions to otherwise complex situations.

Internet & Cyber Investigations:

Conducting Cyber Investigations involves a comprehensive understanding of both technical and investigative procedures along with an advanced knowledge of the law. The ability to obtain and document critical evidence from sophisticated cyber crimes is only the first half of the battle. Obtaining evidence legally, establishing a valid chain of custody and understanding the legal advantages and consequences of the procedures and the evidence is necessary to properly conduct Cyber Investigations as many of our cases can end up in either Civil or Criminal Court.  The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team provides the following Cyber Investigations services with an unparalleled level of expertise:

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Data Breach Incident Response
  • Electronic Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Cyber Stalking, Bullying & Harassment
  • Internet Defamation
  • E-Discovery
  • Identification of Anonymous Emails
  • Identification of Anonymous Websites
  • Precise Global Geo-location
  • Social Media Investigations
  • Hacking Investigations
  • Hacker Identification Services

Conducting Online Cyber Investigations

More than ever, the solutions to the majority of the Cyber related issues encountered  by investigators, security professionals, human resources and corporate due diligence officers can be found online. However, the need for high level intelligence on individuals, businesses and groups is not typically found in traditional data bases or available through traditional internet searching Our Cyber Investigators understand that in the complex world we live in cyber criminals are utilizing the internet, computers, phones, proxies, vpns, and social media to conduct their unauthorized activities.

The need for Cyber Investigations to identify anonymous cyber criminals hiding online behind technology, proxies, third party sites and other services designed to mask and conceal their true identity have sparked the strategic combination of cyber investigations with advanced technology and legal expertise in order to identify anonymous cyber criminals throughout the world.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team is a part of a highly experienced private investigative agency that has solved hundreds of cyber investigations cases involving Executives, Corporations, Professionals and Celebrities.

Digital Forensics & E Discovery

Comprehensive forensic services for electronics, phones, computers, networks, and websites are available as a part of our Cyber Investigations.
Our team of certified digital forensics examiners conduct investigations using state-of-the-art equipment, and a thorough understanding of the associated legal process including chain of custody issues and the  preservation of evidence, while using only industry-acceptable practices for obtaining the evidence needed in:

  • Computer & Phone Forensics
  • Computer Hacking forensics
  • Log Analysis & Network Forensics
  • Data Recovery Forensic Imaging

Counter Surveillance & Cyber Investigations

In addition to state-of-the-art technology and software, our top cyber investigations professionals maintain the following professional certifications:

  • CPTE Pen Testing Certification
  • CDFE Digital Forensics Certification
  • CEH Certified Ethical Hacker
  • ECSA Certified Security Analyst
  • Licensed Private Investigators

We know that every situation is different and every person, business and lawsuit has their own individual circumstances and specific concerns that need to be addressed. Our cyber investigators have extensive experience in cyber investigations and digital forensics and are able to work with you, your staff and/or or your attorney to devise the best strategy for success while meeting  your needs and budget. Due to the highly specific nature of these services we require an initial consultation to determine if your case is a good fit for our services and provide price quote.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team provides essential safeguards against information loss using highly effective tactics including Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Hacking Investigations and Cell Phone Forensics. Southern Recon Agency is based out of Orlando, Florida and available worldwide.