Counter Surveillance

The security of your communications, privacy and your confidential information should only be left in the hands of dedicated Counter Surveillance professionals. Professionals with cutting edge, government grade equipment and software and specialists that come from a variety of technical, investigative and legal backgrounds bringing a vast amount of unique and practical knowledge and experience to our clients to provide timely, realistic and cost effective solutions. The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team focuses exclusively on Invasion of Privacy, Interceptions of Communications and Electronic Eavesdropping and provides these exclusive Counter Surveillance and Counter Intelligence services to Law Firms, Businesses and Individuals:

Invasion of Privacy and Intercepted Communications from Electronic Eavesdropping, Hacking, Stalking, Theft and Espionage is responsible for Billions of dollars in losses each year for individuals, businesses and law firms. The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team has extensive experience and specific expertise in preventing and identifying any form of Intercepting Communications, Invasion of Privacy and Espionage on both the corporate and individual levels. Our Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team provides a variety of technical security services proven to protect both people and their businesses from various types of financial and information losses due to illegal surreptitious intrusions and interceptions including:

  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • Cell Phone Hacking & Forensics
  • Hacking Investigations
  • Hidden Cameras & Microphones
  • Rogue WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Illegal Wiretap Detection
  • Telephone DeBugging
  • Hacking Intelligence & Identification
  • Identity Theft Investigations
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Stalking & Harassment
  • Electronic Eavesdropping
  • Illegal Espionage Detection
  • Electronic & Cyber Stalking
  • Vehicle GPS Detection

Cyber Investigations & Hacking

Counter Surveillance is only effective if it encompasses all of the potential points and methods of electronic eavesdropping including stalking, hacking, espionage ID and intellectual property theft to name a few. There are many forms of electronic espionage but there are are essentially 3 ways to intercept communications or electronically invade privacy:

  • Hacking or Monitoring of Phones
  • Hacking of Computers or Networks
  • Electronic “Bugs” or Devices

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team is the ONLY company that has the ability to conduct counter surveillance and TSCM procedures that will discover 100% of all eavesdropping or interception devices, programs or methods not just in Physical Environments but on Computers and Phones. Without the ability to verify 100% if the computers and phones are or aren’t actively being hacked or monitored in addition to physical devices and bugs, there is no effective way to accurately complete counter surveillance procedures without the possibility of some other forms of eavesdropping, espionage or monitoring taking place.

In addition to our government grade TSCM equipment and training, which includes training alongside Homeland Security and FBI agents,  The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team is made up of licensed private investigators who have certifications as Certified Ethical Hacker, Penetration Testing Engineer, Digital Forensics Examiners, Cyber Security Analyst and an in house legal counsel. Allowing The Counter Surveillance & Cyber team to offer a complete Investigative, Technical and Legal approach to Counter Surveillance.

Counter Intelligence

High level Counter Intelligence is an essential procedure for our counter surveillance & cyber investigation team to identify the source or to gather information about the person or entity behind illegal activity committed against our clients. Counter Intelligence effectively provides reliable information needed identify the individuals behind a breach of security such as; intercepted communications, information loss, fraud, theft, defamation and sabotage. Counter intelligence incorporates the use of comprehensive cyber investigations, human intelligence, undercover operations and high-tech surveillance to provide reliable information  and actionable intelligence required to Identify unknown or anonymous individuals and entities including:

  • Hackers
  • Thieves
  • IP Addresses
  • Anonymous Website Owners
  • Fake Social Media Accounts
  • Fake Email Addresses
  • Geo Location & Tracing of Cell Phones
  • Unauthorized E bay & Amazon Sellers
  • Online Defamation
  • Identity Thieves
  • Cyber Bullies & Stalkers
  • Online Counterfeiters
  • Corporate Spies

Counter Surveillance & Cyber | Nationwide Services

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team has worldwide experience providing high level Counter Intelligence for corporations, law firms and individuals. Our Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team provides discrete and highly effective services proven to protect businesses and individuals from various types of financial and information losses due to espionage and cyber attacks such as:

  • Electronic Eavesdropping
  • Covert Audio “Bugs”
  • Illegal Wiretaps
  • Hidden Video or “Spy” Cameras
  • Cyber Intrusions “Hacking”
  • Cyber Stalking
  • Cell Phone Hacking
  • Corporate Espionage
  • Insider Theft

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team implements procedures allowing a complete and thorough evaluation of your company’s technical, information and communication security to pin point any weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Our Counter Surveillance & Cyber Division uses state-of-the-art technology and the reliable hands on expertise of our seasoned professionals to determine the presence and location of any other technical security and privacy threats to your company’s secure information and provide reliable counter intelligence to enable our client’s to protect their assets and make informed business decisions.

Corporate Counter Surveillance Services

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team uses modern video, audio, phone and cyber surveillance detection methods. Our team uses only use the most advanced and current government level equipment, software and technology specific to the counter surveillance field to identify and isolate any potential threats to your company’s secure information. Our Counter Surveillance & Cyber Division stays on the cutting edge of all new developments in technology and hacking in order to always be a step ahead of our adversaries. As the landscape of Espionage, Stalking & Hacking is always advancing technologically, we strongly recommend and provide routine electronic countermeasures sweeps in addition to 24/7 nationwide incident response.

Counter Intelligence Procedures

Our highly trained counter surveillance experts use state-of-the-art government grade equipment and only utilize acceptable procedures while obtaining evidence. Our specialists have a current and thorough understanding of the overall legal process with extensive knowledge in the legal and ethical issues pertaining to gathering counter intelligence including cyber investigations, human intelligence and covert investigative tactics. Our in house attorney ensures our ability to have a comprehensive understanding all State & Federal Laws pertaining the counter surveillance needs of our clients.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team

We know that every situation is different and every company has their own individual circumstances and specific concerns that need to be addressed. Counter Surveillance procedures are carefully planned and customized by our Counter Surveillance specialists to meet your company’s needs and budget. Due to the highly specific nature of these services we require an initial consultation to determine if your case is a good fit for our services.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team at Southern Recon Agency provides essential safeguards against information loss using highly effective tactics including Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Cyber & Hacking Investigations and Counter Intelligence. Southern Recon Agency is based in Florida and provides Counter Surveillance & Cyber Investigation services around the world.