Cell Phone Hacking Investigations

Cell phones can be extremely vulnerable to various forms of hacking, tracking  and monitoring. Cell Phone Hacking can expose ALL of your private, personal and financial information to stalkers, identity thieves and all forms of cyber criminals. Businesses, Executives, Celebrities and Civilians are all at risk of being victims of Cell Phone Hacking. Cell Phone Hacking Investigations provide highly effective and cost efficient method to “sweep” or scan cell phones to determine if they are currently monitored, hacked or cloned and to locate and disable any illegal cell phone surveillance software, bugs or tracking systems. A Cell Phone Hacking Investigation can also incorporate digital forensic imaging to recover any historical data on the phone including deleted calls, texts, downloads and images.

Cell Phone Security Risks

In the field of technical surveillance, cell phones are often considered a “soft target”. WI-Fi, Social Engineering, Blue Tooth, Email, Text, Bugs, Viruses, Apps and Taps are just some of the ways that a normal cell phone can easily be turned either into a high tech tracking, monitoring or listening device or into a virtual gold mine of what would otherwise be confidential data. Cell Phone Hacking can also provide unfettered access to your phones cameras! Cell Phone Hacking forensics provides the only defense to the myriad of technical security concerns that arise from the use of cell phones in business today.

Cell Phone Hacking forensics can be used to protect a multitude of information that can be directly accessed through your phone including:

  • Email
  • Company Servers
  • Banking Information
  • Social Security Number
  • Personal Information
  • Company Data
  • Geographic Location
  • Phone Calls
  • Camera and Microphone
  • Photos and Videos

Warning Signs of Cell Phone hacking

There are several warning signs of Cell Phone Hacking. But the most important thing to know is that many of the modern methods of Cell Phone hacking and Monitoring show no visible signs or symptoms and the ONLY way to detect them is through conducting a cell phone hacking investigation. Some of the most common warning signs of Cell Phone Hacking are:

  • Battery Draining
  • Data Usage Above Normal
  • Difficulty Connecting to WiFi
  • Unauthorized Commands
  • Use of Free Internet Sources
  • Photos Missing or Found Online
  • Texts or Conversations Leaked

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team

We recommend routine Cell Phone Hacking investigations for corporate executives and key employees with high level access to secure information to be conducted at least two times a year as a proactive precaution. This effective and efficient service ensures the security of the company’s assets and information that could easily leak through cell phones. Our company also offers corporate discounts and several cell phone hacking investigation procedures that can be done remotely allowing executives and staff to keep possession of their phones.

All Cell Phone Hacking forensics procedures are not created equal, most TSCM firms use commercial programs which can be limited in the capabilities and most Cell Phone Hackers are aware of, and can therefore create interception tools, spyware and monitoring programs that can be completely undetectable to commercial technology. The Counter Surveillance and Cyber Team consists of a Certified Ethical Hacker, Certified Penetration Testing Engineer, Digital Forensics Examiners and a Cyber Security Analyst, which give our team an unfair advantage of understanding Cell Phone Hacking from the Hackers perspective. Our proprietary procedures are customized and always evolving with the newest and most advanced methods of Cell Phone Hacking and will determine 100% if your cell phone is actively hacked.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team

Cell Phone Hacking forensics procedures are carefully planned and can be customized by our investigation specialists to meet your needs, budget and time frame. All of our services are 100% confidential and protected under F.S. 493.6119. Our Cell Phone Hacking Investigations are 100% effective and specifically designed to accommodate the needs of our clients.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team at Southern Recon Agency provides essential safeguards against information loss and invasion of privacy from Cell Phone Hacking using highly effective tactics including Technical Surveillance Countermeasures, Cyber & Hacking Investigations and Counter Intelligence. Southern Recon Agency is based in Orlando, Florida and provides Counter Surveillance & Cyber Investigation services around the world.

The Counter Surveillance & Cyber Team is an elite service offered by Southern Recon Agency, LLC and is available worldwide.